Another Europe is possible!

Stop „Troika for everyone“ – Say No to a pact on competitiveness!

Time is running out. The European Council wants to formulate a pact for “competitiveness and convergence” at its summit in late June 2013. This would only extend the policies that have already crippled Greece, Spain and Portugal to each member state of the EU. This crisis policy has failed dramatically, creating mass unemployment and spiralling public deficits. Instead of changing direction, these neoliberal policies will be accelerated. The so-called “pact on competitiveness” is nothing else but a pact to cut wages, reduce social welfare and privatize national institutions.

Troika for Everyone. All member states would be forced to implement “structural reforms”. The budgetary cuts enforced upon Greece, Spain and Portugal show a clear image of what “structural reforms” mean: cuts in social expenditure, stripping of collective bargaining agreements and privatization of water, education and energy supplies.

Another Europe is possible. We oppose the EU Commission’s plan. We ‘re encouraging all people to put pressure on their home countries’ governments and parliaments so that as many member states as possible reject this pact. It’s time to turn today's Europe into a more democratic, social and ecological Europe of the many!