About us

We share a common vision. A vision of Europe that sees its current inhabitants given equal opportunity and its future generations provided a place of fair and secure democracy. The politics of this continent values social justice above all and endeavors to direct natural resources towards sustainable ends. We want the current threat of poverty converted into a promise of equitable prosperity, a Europe that, regardless of ethnicity or gender, engages its citizens to strive ahead and make a home worthy of habitation.

We are fighting to make our vision a reality. Against crippling austerity measures which have brought unemployment, poverty and desperation to millions of Europeans, we are attempting to effect a shift in the continental consciousness which has adopted policies championed by right-wing nationalist organizations interested only in profit for the select. This shift towards an equitable Europe can only be made with your help. Fight against the measures that have been put in place to take away our future. Stand with us.

The Initiators

Sonja Ablinger
Barbara Blaha
Ludwig Dvorák
Elisabeth Klatzer
Markus Koza
Hilde Mattheis
Andreas Novy
Lukas Oberndorfer
Mathieu Pouydesseau
Georg Prack
Bruno Rossmann
René Schindler
Alexandra Strickner
Christoph Sykora
Monika Vana


Initiative "Europa geht anders"
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e-mail: office@europa-geht-anders.eu

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